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Related article: Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 11:59:48 -0400 From: british Subject: Adventure to Crete 6DISCLAIMER:This is a story. None of the characters in the story exist and the events that take place are purely imaginary.Thanks to all of you who have emailed me with comments and told me how much you enjoyed the first chapters. I hope you like this one too.WARNING:Do not read this story Preteen Panty Models if you are in any way offended by acts of a homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex.Adventure to Crete - 6Nick did not really need to give an answer to the invitation from Panos'. As he nodded his assent he also pointed out that he ought to return to his room for a moment in case his parents were waiting up for him. He collected his door key from the reception area and went upstairs. As he suspected the light in his parents' room was still on and Nick knocked gently and put his head round the door to wish his parents 'goodnight'. To his father question as to whether he had enjoyed himself Nick nodded and said,"It was fantastic, but I'm really tired now. See you in the morning."His father replied,"OK. Sleep well and remember we're out early again tomorrow."Nick nodded and went to his room to wait a few moments until he was sure that the light in his parents' room had gone out. He went to the spy hole in the far wall to check out whether the twins were up to anything in the room next door but was disappointed to find the room in darkness. After a short wait, Nick carefully opened his door and crept quietly along the corridor past his parents' room and once clear walked quickly towards the manager's apartment.When he got to George's door, Nick knocked gently and walked straight in. Panos was already there and both he and George were naked and hard. Preteen Panty Models The two Greeks smiled warmly at Nick as he closed and locked the door behind him. George came over and sensuously stripped Nick of his clothes, teasing the English teenager's cock with his hands and later his tongue. In a few moments Nick was lying on the large bed with Panos on one side and George on the other. Three healthy and throbbing cocks stood upright from their bodies, each one slightly different in size and in the amount of foreskin that covered the head. Nick was hoping that his position on the bed meant that he would eventually get his arse fucked by Panos while George face fucked or sixty-nined him.As usual the television was on and a sex video was playing. An orgy involving a mixture of blond Germans and dark Moroccans was taking Preteen Panty Models place on screen. The whiteness of the uncut German cocks contrasted well with the darker skin of the circumcised pricks of the Moroccans. One German was being fucked by the thin shaft of a young Moroccan and the other German was sucking off an older and fatter Moroccan Preteen Panty Models who might have been the father of the younger one. The English teenager and his Greek friends watched the action for a little while before George finally spoke to Nick,"Panos tells me that you had an exciting time at the studio tonight and that you watched a very sexy fuck scene before you got some action of your own with Rudi. Did you enjoy watching our twins double fucking the older man?""Yes it was amazing. I never thought I would ever see anything like that. They are very talented those twins", replied Nick.George smiled but then surprised Nick by saying,"Well they are, but I reckon with a bit of help you and Panos could do the same to me!"Panos nodded enthusiastically and within a few moments Nick found himself and Panos lying on the bed in the same position the twins had been in earlier in the evening. Panos took charge of the two cocks. He forced his own foreskin right back so that his purplish glans was fully exposed but he pushed Nick's foreskin right over the pink head covering it completely. George applied a liberal amount of lubrication to his winking arse hole and then covered the two rampant cocks of the teenagers lying on the bed. George slowly lowered himself onto the waiting cocks. The hotel manager first made contact with the exposed head of Panos' cock and the pre-cum shiny head disappeared inside his willing hole. As he began to slide down the hard shaft of the older Greek teenager, George's arse hole entrance made contact with the puckered foreskin of Nick's throbbing cock. The English teen felt the lips of George's hot hole slowly roll back his foreskin and expose his sensitive pink glans. Then George lowered himself again and began to swallow Nick's love stick up his love channel where it would join Panos' cock that was already there. Panos could feel the slick pre-cum covered head of Nick's cock moving up his hard shaft, finally coming to a halt just beneath his own sensitive cock head. George was truly impaled on the two teenaged cocks beneath him but managed to slowly ride up and down on them.The effect of George's rhythmic action and the proximity of Panos' hard shaft proved too much for Nick. The younger English teen could feel his balls begin to work overtime as they prepared to eject the spunk they had been so busily manufacturing. The glorious tingling of ejaculation began to build and Nick could not hold back,"Oh yes! I'm going to cum. Feel me cum George! I'm going to shoot all over your insides and all over your shaft Panos. Don't stop fucking me George. I'm cumming...!!! I'm cumming!!!! I've cum!!!"George and Panos felt Nick's shaft throb and then they were both aware that his creamy teen ball juice had jetted out all over them. George squeezed his arse muscles to milk Nick dry. Panos was still hard but his shaft was covered in the squelchy jizz. Nick expected his cock to soften but entombed in George's arse it did not do so. He remained hard as George began to ride Panos once again. George had turned on the impaling cocks so that he was now facing Nick who could reach up and wank the hotel manager's rock hard cock. Panos was pushing his body off the bed to met his uncle's thrusts and it was clear that this could not last long for either of them. In moments, George and Panos were gasping for breath and George looked down at his nephew and shouted,"Let's see if we can cum together, Panos. Shoot your cum inside me while I shoot over young Nick. Wank it harder Nick. I think Panos is nearly there and with your help I will be too!!!"Nick began to toss George off as fast as he could and he could feel the tension building as his own hard cock head worked on Panos' shaft deep inside George. By now Panos was also shouting out,"Oh God, yes. I'm almost there. Make me cum!! I need to cum!! I'm nearly there. Oh yes!! Yes!!"Nick felt the cock next to his throb violently and then hot cum spewed out all over George's insides and Nick's own cock. At almost the same moment George prepared to shoot his load and urged Nick to bring him off,"Wank me hard, Nick. Feel my throbbing cock shaft as it prepares to shoot my jizz. Keep going!! Keep Going!! Yes!!!"Then George's piss slit opened wide and showered the young English teenager with a wad of spunk that splashed all over his naked chest and abdomen. Nick began to scrape the creamy cum off his body and onto his fingers. Generously he offered some of the creamy jizz to Panos and George before licking the rest into his own mouth.As the moments of orgasm began to pass away, Nick felt Panos' cock begin to soften and release the grip that held the two cock deep inside George's love channel. The change of pressure provided room for the horny English boy's cock to slide out of George's hole. As his cock slid down and out through the entrance to George's hole, Nick could feel the sloppy mixture of lube and cum on his shaft and cock head. After a few moments George pulled himself up to allow the two cocks to fall out of his hole completely. All three could see that both the teenagers' cocks were covered in a slimy cocktail of each other's cum and George's lubricating juices. The youngsters' cocks looked very messy as they plopped out of George's arse hole and it was generally agreed that some cleaning should be done. From somewhere nearby George produced some tissues, which he used to carefully clean the sensitive shaft and cock head of each of his young friends. When most of the goo had been cleared off, all three participants finally slumped back onto the bed exhausted by their exertions but satisfied by the result.Nick was slightly disappointed that yet again he had missed out on being fucked by Panos. On the other hand, Nick was happy that he had participated in such a piece of thrilling sexual action, especially one that he thought could only be done in movies. As he drifted into a post-orgasmic sleep, Nick hoped that it would not be long before he did feel Panos' cock fucking his eager hole. Panos was also tired and ready to rest. As he too drifted off he looked over at his young English friend and thought to himself how great it would be if next time he could shove his hard cock shaft inside Nick. The Greek boy was aware that that was what Nick wanted and he was determined not to disappoint him. George was also exhausted by his exertions. When he had been younger he could easily take two cocks up his hole but now he was older he found it more difficult. Nevertheless he had succeeded in taking the two young bucks and they had both enjoyed the experience. In a few seconds George realised they would all sleep at least for a while. However as he lost consciousness George was certain there would be more fun before the night was over.It was several hours later when Nick awoke still naked on the bed but aware that something cool and moist was nudging at his rear entrance. Nick lay quietly for a few moments as the finger began to push gently at his hole. The finger was well lubed up and with relatively little effort gained entry. Nick knew from where he was lying that the finger must belong to Panos as he could see George still asleep in front of him. Nick began to push back on the finger and Panos now realised that the English boy was awake. However both boys pretended that they were unaware of what the other was doing and Panos inserted a second finger into Nick's hole. As he probed deeper Panos found Nick's prostate and began to tease it causing the English boy's cock to harden and throb and forcing a sigh of deep satisfaction from him. Panos began to withdraw his fingers but Nick whispered,"Don't stop. I like it. Please don't stop, unless you've got something else to go in there."Nick reached behind him and felt the hardness of Panos cock, which he gave a friendly squeeze. Panos whimpered back,"Don't worry, Nick. My cock is ready to fuck you but I want to get your hole fully relaxed before I fuck you long and hard."Panos resumed his finger fucking up Nick's hole and Nick began to whimper quietly with little sighs of pleasure. The sound of the two teenager's activity had brought George back to life and he smiled at the sight that greeted his return to consciousness. The hotel manager moved closed to Nick and saw that his nephew was preparing to fuck the younger English teen. George also noted that Nick's cock was hard and throbbing as a result of the finger fucking that he was receiving that was tickling his prostate. In seconds George had positioned himself on the bed so that his head was in direct line with Nick's throbbing cock while his own hard meat pointed straight at Nick's mouth. Panos could see that his uncle would be able to watch as he pushed his cock deep into Nick's clearly ready hole. Nick could see George's engorged cock head close to his face and began to use his tongue to lick the drooling piss slit; at the same time he could feel Panos begin to remove his fingers and replace them with the head of his rock hard cock.As if in unison the two Greeks closed in to sandwich Nick between them. George watched as his nephew's cock began to enter Nick's well-lubed and open arse hole and thought to himself that he had taught the boy well. Panos felt the head of his cock begin to enter Nick and decided that he would proceed slowly as this was only the second time the English teen had been penetrated this way and Rudi's prick had been much smaller. Nick felt the head of Panos' uncut cock move towards his hole and tried to push back to meet it. Nick felt the head of the Greek teen's cock engage with the muscles of his sphincter and waited for the Panos to push further in. George watched closely as Panos' cock disappeared into Nick's willing hole and then moved his head so that he could use his mouth on the English boy's hard shaft and balls. Nick was attempting to reciprocate on George's cock but could not get the angle right to take the hotel manager's cock into his mouth. Seeing this Panos reached across and guided his uncle's cock at the right angle straight into his English friend's eager mouth. Three bodies were engaged in a complete sandwich. Nick in the middle was being filled at both ends by Greek cock. Panos was invading his love channel and was beginning to build up a steady fucking rhythm in and out of the horny English boy's arse; George was now face fucking Nick in time with his nephew's thrusts and Nick was filling the older Greek's mouth with his rock hard cock. George was enjoying the taste of the young English teen and the sight of his nephew ploughing in and out of Nick's hole. Panos knew that he was fulfilling Nick's greatest desire and had a grandstand view as his younger English friend used his skilful mouth to lick and suck the Greek hotel manager's extremely hard cock.Anyone entering the room would have seen the three bodies acting almost as one as they moved vigorously in their sexual activity. If his mouth had not been otherwise occupied Nick would have been crying out with pleasure from the double fucking he was receiving. George too was unable to speak but he, like Nick, could purr his pleasure on the shaft of the cock that filled his mouth. Only Panos was less inhibited and soon began to express his excitement in little cries of enjoyment and a few rasping words,"I'm right inside you Nick. I'm fucking you long and hard just as I promised and I can feel from your reactions that you are enjoying it. I can see my uncle's cock disappearing into your mouth as you suck him like you have sucked me! Let's see if we can all bring ourselves off together!!"Panos began to increase the speed of his thrusting and Nick responded by using his arse muscles to grip the Greek teenager's shaft more firmly. At the same time, George and Nick began to increase the pressure and speed of their oral action. Perhaps to his own surprise Panos was the first to approach orgasm. The excitement of ploughing Nick's almost virgin hole and the pressure of the English boy's arse muscles on his shaft was causing Panos to lose control. It was too late to try to control the inevitable and Panos succumbed to his own desires and the automatic response of his body. Panos began to shudder and his breath became ragged as the pressure built up and then with a loud gasp he was there. Hot Greek cum jetted into Nick's Preteen Panty Models waiting bowels as Panos' cock throbbed uncontrollably and unleashed its ball juice. Nick squeezed the shaft to draw out every last drop, only releasing his grip when it was clear that Panos had no more spunk to deliver.All this was proved more than enough for Nick and he Preteen Panty Models was aware that in seconds he was about to blow a large load of his cum straight into George's mouth. Nick tried to increase the effect of Panos' fucking action by pushing his hips back and forth. This also had the effect of face fucking George. George the most experienced of the three recognised the signs of urgency in Nick's actions and prepared for the English teen's explosion. He did not wait long. With what felt like a cry of sheer bliss that reverberated on George's shaft lodged firmly in Nick's mouth, the English boy shot several ropes of hot creamy teen cum straight into George's mouth and throat. George had been willing himself to orgasm once he had seen that Panos had delivered his creamy tribute. George also knew that Nick was about to cum and as Nick's climax stuttered to a halt, the hotel manager's cock started to pulsate violently as his jizz made the journey from his balls to his piss slit and out into Nick's waiting mouth.To Nick it had been as though Panos had filled him with his cum, he had filled George with his own load and George had supplied a refill for Nick. It was a circular exchange of cum and Nick loved it. This had been one of the greatest nights of Nick's life and he lay back exhausted but more than satisfied. The other two lay back beside him and all smiled and whispered 'thank yous' to each other for their part in the evening's activities. As usual time was not on their side. Panos had to return home and be ready for work in a few hours time; Nick had to get back to his room and be up and ready for the planned family outing and George had to be up to run the hotel. After a short rest the two teenagers left the hotel manager's apartment and made their way back to their respective homes. As Panos left, Nick turned and said,"Thank you Panos. I feel fantastic and I loved you being inside me. Let's do it again soon. I hate to think how I'll feel when this short holiday comes to an end, but I'll always have the memories.""Me too", replied Panos. "But let's enjoy ourselves while we can. There's still a few days left to have fun. See you later."Then Panos was gone and Nick returned to his room and fell into a deep sleep. As he drifted off to sleep, Nick could only hope that is last days in Crete would be as exciting and as eventful as the first few had been. To be continued... If you like this story, please let me know as you comments are always encouraging and worthwhile. Email me at
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